The Sixteen in Rehearsal

The members of our Women sing East group were recently invited to sit in on a rehearsal with The Sixteen and Harry Christophers at the Barbican for a performance of Bach’s B minor Mass.

“Walking into the Barbican concert hall, I was immediately struck by the low-key atmosphere on stage amongst the musicians and chorus.  They were sitting around during a pause in the music in jeans and trainers, round shouldered and relaxed, chatting quietly amongst themselves.

The four soloists, Sarah Connolly at ease in knee-high boots and tunic; Gillian Keith as neat as a kitten in jet black, with a white-blond bob; elegant Dietrich Henschel with his iron-grey curls and a very English looking, fresh-complexioned  Robert Murray were seated at the sides.  The rehearsal recommenced. Harry Christophers had his back to the auditorium, dressed in loose clothing too large for his slight frame; his shoulder blades sharply revealing themselves as his arms rose and swooped, drawing forth the music.

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