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Sing me a lullaby…

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Still singing the songs and buzzing from our Lullabies experience last year, Rachel Louis from VitalArts invited Spitalfields Music to the maternity wards of the Royal London Hospital for a second time.  Just hours after entering the world with our newest fan just 14 hours old at the time, our … Continue reading “Sing me a lullaby…”

What Makes a Great Fable?

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What do you think makes a great fable? We asked a whole host of people involved in Fables – A Film Opera (composers, directors, workshop leaders and members of our team) exactly that! This is what they said… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQqYXFkKosM] Discover more videos on our YouTube channel!

Intern Diaries: My first two weeks… Part II

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And so I arrived at Spitalfields Music on a bright sunny day towards the end of September to begin my six month Learning & Participation internship. The first week whizzed by – meeting staff, gradually learning how the organisation works and more particularly, scratching the surface of the many projects … Continue reading “Intern Diaries: My first two weeks… Part II”

What does Spitalfields Music mean to you?

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During this year’s Summer Festival we asked members of our audience, the local community and others with close links to us, what Spitalfields Music meant to them. Here’s a little of what came back: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuE-8Z33zuI&w=500] [video by Andy Weir] See more videos about and by Spitalfields Music on our YouTube … Continue reading “What does Spitalfields Music mean to you?”