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We asked the team if they could only recommend one of our Summer Festival 11 events to a friend which one would it be and why? Here are a few of the answers they gave us:

Credit Lawrence RenesThe event I can’t wait to see this summer is Michel van der Aa UK’s premiere by the BBC Symphony Orchestra on Saturday 18 June. This evening is very characteristic of Spitalfields Music’s ethos “extraordinary music in unexpected places” – a wonderful Hawksmoor church where you clearly expect to hear early music, will rock with experimental instrumental sounds mixed with an electronic soundtrack, and respond to beautifully sung romantic poems. Sylvain

Credit Alys TomlinsonFamily day: Folk at the farm! My internship will be well and truly over by the time the Summer Festival begins but already I’ve got my tickets for this fun day. My boys love exploring, looking for treasure and filling their pockets with all sorts of bits and bobs; but seeking musical treasure, now that’ll be a first – what a treat! Caroline

This is very tricky as I feel like I would be displaying favouritism by recommending just one, but I think a good event to mention is Mica Levi’s A Quotidian Secret.

I can’t say too much about the actual nature of the event as we’re trying to keep it all a total surprise for the audience, and as our first ‘secret’ concert, this is partly why I’m so excited about this one. It will celebrate the everyday; the beauty in the mundane,  but also by bringing together two exceptional music makers (Olly Coates and Mikhail Karikis) in the same intimate performance setting means you’re in for a real treat. Ellie

I’d recommend Fifth Quadrant & Dal’Ouna, I went to see the launch of Road to Jericho and was blown away by their passion and musicianship.  This project promises to thunder out way beyond the evening concert – it’s a chance for you to be at the start of an extraordinary partnership with exceptional musicians from England and Palestine.  Defiantly not one to miss! Clare

Delphine MigueresIf I could only choose one event…well I’d recommend one of the Eliane Radigue concerts in association with Sound and Music on either the 14 June or 21 June. I love Eliane’s perception of sound and the way she works through close collaboration with the performers and it is incredibly exciting  to be able see these works performed live! Rebecca

For more information about the events mentioned please visit  www.spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk and keep your eyes peeled for more recommendations over the coming weeks…

Photo Credits: Laurence Renes, Alys Tomlinson (Farm & Mica Levi), Delphine Migueres (Eliane Radigue)

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