Our Winter Festival so far…

Its been an extremely busy week for us all with Week One of our Winter Festival sadly at an end. Its been a huge success, and a highly eventful week. The performances have been so exceptional, that we couldn’t sum up in one sentence all the incredible highlights, so we thought we would share a few of our staff comments.

Carmina Choir Image: Celine Smith

Despite the cold, a hot Festival!

A fantastic cocktail of performances! A particular highlight for me was Carmina’s Icelandic Songbook, a sumptuous hour of pure voices coming together in sparkling harmonies.

A week of artistic excellence and a creative buzz!”

The overall programme has been beautifully unusual and very inspiring. Behind the scenes I think there’s been quite a fun sense of controlled craziness, and I’ve had several good giggle moments that have added nicely to the festive atmosphere.

”A filetta – stunning

Winter Songs Image: Celine Smith

Exhilarating, spine tingling and chocolate fuelled.

“Inspiring, energetic and intimate….following our choirs from Aspirations, Christ Church and Hague schools and Corsica and Iceland I’m listening to music in an entirely different way”

Cold, warm, loud, quiet, high, low, fast

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much at a piece of music, than I did when watching Flam by Orlando Gough.

Eccentric; enthralling; exciting; engaging and exhausting!

Fables Image: Celine Smith

Madrigals and Fables: fabulous to watch 60 primary school children sing some challenging lines of their own making- about Orpheus and Eurydice- with confidence and enjoyment, filling Christ Church Spitalfields with their sound.”

We’ll be back for round two of the Winter Festival on 5 January.

Winter Festival: 13-18 Dec & 5-7 Jan 2011
Box office: 020 7377 1362/ spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk

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