Intern Diaries: My first two weeks…

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I was coming up the narrow staircase to the Spitalfields Music office. The tube strike had meant that I’d been given an extra hour off work, a luxury I was more than willing to take! I walked in to gatecrash the Team Meeting, joined the circle, and sat there wondering what exactly an ‘IWIK’ was…

Of course, I quickly realised that Spitalfields Music was going to be an exciting and interesting place to work. First on the agenda was getting to know the programme for the Winter Festival, which was done, with colourful festival brochure in hand, by lots of event-creating across the various social networking sites we use. This also meant learning how to use some of them. I’m no technophobe, but Twitter and I have a long way to go to being best buds.

Next came a quick tour of Christ Church, our core venue, its impressive baroque outside was more than matched by the stunning and acoustically generous inside. My whistle-stop induction complete, I quickly knuckled down to work with a lot of proof-reading, and time spent on Facebook and Twitter – work-related, honest!

“I walked in to gatecrash the Team Meeting, joined the circle, and sat there wondering what exactly an ‘IWIK’ was…”

Week 1 went by in a flash, and I was getting more to grips with the way things work at Spitalfields Music. Week 2 was no less speedy. More colourful Winter Festival brochures and computer programmes to get my head round. Rebecca and I were sent to a marketing seminar at Allen & Overy with some high-flying execs from Deutsche Bank, Hammersons PLC and A&O. Aside from receiving some great advice from the panellists we realised how much we preferred our small, quirky office, to the gigantic building we were in!

The first two weeks have been a lot of fun and gone by incredibly quickly. There’s lots more to do as the festival draws near, and tonight we’re heading off to see a Streetwise Opera workshop for Fables – A Film Opera!

Michael Duffy
Marketing & Communications Intern

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