Intern Diaries: What’s in an intern’s handbag?

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I joined the lovely Spitalfields Music team, so it was about time to invite you get a glimpse of Spitalfields Music through my looking-glass. Ready?

As I don’t like silent blog posting, this time the soundtrack playing in my mind is a French song by Camille (no, not our smiling colleague Camille!) who’s wondering what one could find in Le sac des filles (the ladies’ handbag). You have to admit that there’s always been a fascination with the presumably mysterious content of a lady’s handbag, so I thought it would be the case to introduce my new must-have friend: the Summer Festival brochure!

Colourful and bright as the touch of summer, the brochure has been travelling in my bag almost every single day from mid-February on (she must be already tired of Central and Northern underground lines!).  We met on a quite chilly, yet unforgettable Friday morning. After entering the cosy Spitalfields Music office and enjoying a nice welcome given by the team, Communications Officer, Mia, introduced us and I must confess it was love at first read!

Since then, I feel like I’m carrying around with me an entire musical experience, with magical stops between baroque and more contemporary, unconventional music.  And the best part is that every single event is brought to life whenever I have a discussion with someone from the team. It is impossible not to feel the enthusiasm around!  I still can’t believe how fast my first 2 weeks went by, it’s like time becomes somehow liquid when being surrounded by the sounds of Spitalfields.  Alongside my faithful friend, the brochure, I’ve been attending a lot of meetings and brainstorm sessions, got myself comfortable with what is actually happening behind the scenes and have focused more on research, copywriting and ways of making our sounds reach, in a creative way, a wider audience.

Having a background in advertising and wanting to switch coherently to arts marketing, I found at Spitalfields Music the enjoyable environment that I was looking for: a small, enthusiastic team with a common goal, not to sell a product, but to share with you a variety of high-quality musical experiences. However, you should be aware of an important side-effect: it might be quite a challenge to pick out just one favourite event!

Ruxandra Mateiu
Marketing & Communications Intern

To get your own copy of the Summer Festival brochure, give us a call on 020 7377 1362 or view the electronic version here.

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