Intern Diaries: The fine line between music and noise…

If you raised an eyebrow, thinking that you were about to be given a music theory lesson, then relax, because you’re just invited to enjoy another short ride through my musical experience. After almost two months  of interning at Spitalfields Music, I feel like I’ve finally discovered the chords of a lovely contemporary piece of music: working towards a final project with a constant smile upon my face and enthusiasm.

Credit: Katya Evdokimova

There is though, an inconvenience:  time goes by too fast when you are engaged in something with a beautiful final purpose. Looking back, I now realise exactly why most of the advertising campaigns I’ve previously been involved with always lacked the harmony that converts noise into music.  I think there is a good feeling here that one could never experience when following pure commercial goals.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been working of course towards the promotion of the Summer Festival. However, beside the advertising swaps, e-bulletins or social media, I also had the chance to experience how music not only brings people together, but how it also acts as a confidence and creativity booster.  The workshop at the Royal Academy of Music with 100 children from two Tower Hamlets primary schools and the performance by the boys from Cherry Trees School that I’ve attended recently, made me aware of the incredibly positive impact of the Learning & Participation Programme. The energy, the innocent smiles and the total enthusiasm of everyone involved in the projects speak for themselves.

Moreover, when a child with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties tells you that he feels proud of his performance, this is worth more than putting together 100 graphics and tables with audience reach and sales trends.  At that very moment you start hearing the music!

Ruxandra Mateiu
Marketing & Communications intern

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