Intern Diaries: Week Nine

So since I last wrote for the intern diaries, at lot has been going on in the Spitalfields Music office. If you’ve read my previous post (if not, you should!) you’ll know that we officially launched Fables – A Film Opera almost a fortnight ago. Not only was this a superb introduction into the project, but it seems to have cemented my role as unofficial Spitalfields Music Cameraman (as if being an intern wasn’t already enough!). Joking aside, it was fantastic to gain a first-hand insight into aspects of the project by talking to a whole host of people involved.

Journalistic skills now finely honed, the other task I’d set myself for the past month was to get completely accustomed to all the software we use on the Communications team. Now competent on Photoshop, the website programme, and Twitter (hurrah!), I had only the clunky box office system to get my head round. Extra pressure came here from the fact that Rebecca was soon to go on holiday leaving me nearer the box office firing line than I am normally! Fortunately, I managed to feel my way into its quirks and have even sold tickets!

Another thing I’ve been getting to know is the relatively new Student Ambassadors scheme. The scheme invites students to volunteer around 3-4 hours of their time per month to promote Spitalfields Music, and in return they get free tickets to festival concerts and other perks. Sounds good to me. With Rebecca away, I sat in for a couple of the interviews, one of which turned out to be with someone I knew from university!

That pretty much brings us up to today. I’ve just come back to the office after attending a photo shoot with one of our artists for next summer. I’m afraid I can’t tell you who they are – you’ll have to wait and see!

Click here for more information on the Student Ambassador scheme.

Michael Duffy
Marketing & Communications Intern

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