Intern Diaries: I guess it’s time to say goodbye

So here we are, at the point which five months ago looked so far away but has arrived more quickly than a speeding kangaroo. (Happy Australia Day!)

My final few weeks at Spitalfields Music has seen the wrapping up of the brilliant 2010 Winter Festival, with some truly amazing performances of Monteverdi’s madrigals. Since then, the office has become very reflective, evaluating all our activity since June. It got me thinking about all the things I’ve had to do while being an intern (which as it happens, was a lot!). Writing press releases, designing e-flyers, managing leafleters, formatting programme book text, learning how to use Twitter, lots of social networking, writing blog posts, engaging local press, distributing publicity, market researching, time on Facebook, creating Spotify playlists, website management, recording a webcast, planning sessions with big felt-tip pens, and engaging with all parts of Spitalfields Music’s programme. I guess I’ve been pretty busy!

It’s very sad to be leaving a team that is as brilliant and fun as Spitalfields Music’s. I’d like to thank everyone for the opportunities, advice, and laughs I’ve had since I sat down in that first team meeting, unsure of what exactly was going on!

Michael Duffy
Marketing & Communications Intern (Sept 2010 – Jan 2011)

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