Cherry Trees

I was lucky enough to be let out of the office a couple of weeks ago for a trip to see Cherry Trees, one of our Learning & Participation team’s partner schools, end of term performance.

The Cherry Trees School is a primary school for boys with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. The Learning & Participation Programme has a very successful relationship with the school and has worked there for the last ten years.

Walking in to the school we were presented with a Welcome to the Show poster made by the boys (which now resides on the wall in the office), and were ushered into the main hall where we all sat on tiny chairs. As the boys filed in for the performance there was a bit of fidgeting, but they all appeared to be on their best behaviour for their mums, dads and families.

The performance began with a medley of East London past songs and a version of the Drunken Sailor sung in a round, all of which were brilliantly sung and great fun to watch as they included actions as well!  The programme became slightly more contemporary with two original rock n roll songs sung by two separate groups, with a couple of lucky boys getting  to play the guitar and percussion!

There was a short interlude where one of the boys played a solo keyboard piece (Intro of the Papa Roach song Last Resort ) followed by River is Flowing, a lullaby showing the full range of styles that the boys were capable of.

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