Artist Focus: Polar Bear & the Neil Cowley Trio

British experimental jazz quintet, Polar Bear have a long-standing reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the UK jazz scene. Led by drummer Seth Rochford, the band brings together tenor saxophonist Pete Wareham, Tom Herbert on double bass, second tenor Mark Lockheart and Leafcutter John on guitar and electronics. Their style merges elements of free-jazz, funk, drum & bass and electronica to name but a few, and their involvement with the F-IRE Collective confirms their commitment to musical innovation.

“A raw,live in the room sound …It’s jazz shorn of cliché that demands to be taken on its pigeonhole rebuffing merits” Mojo

Former Zero 7 keyboardist and classically trained pianist Neil Cowley formed the Neil Cowley Trio in 2005. Richard Sadler on double bass and Evan Jenkins on drums underpin Cowley’s energetic and infectious piano melodies giving the jazz trio a rock-tinged backbone. Awarded a BBC Jazz Award for Best Album in 2007, the trio have moved forward with their sound following up the award-winning album Displaced with the dynamic Louder Louder Stop in 2008 and the more complex but subtle Radio Silence in 2010.

Both acts provide a thrilling live experience and we can’t wait to seem them together at this year’s Summer Festival!

Catch Polar Bear & The Neil Cowley Trio on Tuesday 21 June at the Village Underground.
Tickets £15
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