Artist Focus: Fifth Quadrant and Dal’Ouna

Fifth QuadrantLondon based classical music collective, Fifth Quadrant, formed in 2009 and have since then endeavoured to explore and redefine classical collaborative music making. Having previously worked with artists of widely varying backgrounds and nationalities, Fifth Quadrant’s latest project sees them team up with Palestinian group, Dal’Ouna, to combine Eastern and Western classical music in Anthony Pitt’s new composition, Who Is My Neighbour?, a reworking of the Good Samaritan story.

This joint venture aims to inspire through creative collaboration and to facilitate an East-West musical exchange, bringing new music to audiences of both territories. Fifth Quadrant has travelled to Palestine to work on the project with Dal’Ouna as well as to deliver a series of concerts and workshops to the local people. This summer, the two groups will take this work on a tour of Palestine before heading to the UK and Spitalfields Music Summer Festival.

We are very pleased to be hosting the conclusion of Fifth Quadrant and Dal’Ouna’s tour and are extremely excited to experience their unique fusion of Eastern and Western styles.

To find out more about the project visit

Fifth Quadrant & Dal’Ouna
Friday 10 June 7.30pm
Shoreditch Church
£5 – £20
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