Endless Imagination

Endless Imagination will focus on the creativity of older people; what they could achieve in the here and now rather than focusing on reminiscence or who they used to be. This project will explore the ways that older people can continue to develop as creative individuals in order to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Spitalfields Music aims to engage with 180 older people and staff in three care homes in Tower Hamlets, with weekly sessions over a period of three years, from 2018–2021. Julian West (Royal Academy of Music & Wellcome Collection) will lead a multi-arts team of musicians and artists who will improvise new pieces with care home residents, putting residents in control of the performance and providing them with opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

Key Challenges for Participants
• Limited opportunities for mental and physical activity
• Limited opportunities to engage with communities outside of the care setting
• Limited opportunities for activities which increase self-identity and self-expression

• Improve well-being and quality of life for care home residents, including those living with dementia, enabling residents to lead active lives by offering greater opportunities to express themselves and their identity through creativity and art making
• Improve the quality of care and relationships in care homes
• Strengthen the community of volunteers and relatives supporting care homes, stimulating deeper relationships and reducing isolation
• Celebrate and champion the creativity and agency of older people living with dementia at a local and national level