Spitalfields Music celebrates classical music in its widest sense, creating unforgettable live music experiences that bring unusual East London spaces to life. Alongside a series of pop-up events, we run an annual Festival, which started as a summer festival in 1946.

In 2017, we relaunched our festival model to bring in a guest artistic curator each year, starting with genre-defying conductor André de Ridder. His festivals in 2017 and 2018 centred on a core group of outstanding artists from across Europe, performing in varying set-ups across the nine days, each creating a sense of every night being a festival within a festival. It also placed artists in cross-genre programme settings, creating new opportunities for contemporary music-creators and performers from different musical contexts to work together, and opening up new experiences for audiences.

In a unique blending of old and new, we feature the greatest early music and pioneering contemporary pieces and musicians, all in some of the most exciting old and new venues across East London.