Opening a new chapter

As our 40th anniversary draws to a close we are excited to announce that we will be working with André de Ridder as the Artistic Curator for our Winter Festival 2017.

We have just launched a reinvigorated vision for Spitalfields Music that reflects the changing world in which we operate. Spitalfields Music will seek to be more ambitious and inclusive than ever before. Building on our founding values we will bring artists, audiences and communities together to find, explore and share extraordinary music experiences in one of the most vibrant areas of London.

From 2017, this will include three key changes:

A more flexible model for summer – in order to pursue ambitious projects and respond to the needs of our communities we will be moving away from a fixed Summer Festival to a model which allows us greater flexibility. In future years this will give us space to develop and stage large-scale new commissions.

More direct links between our Learning & Participation work and the Festival – in planning our future work we will seek greater opportunities to connect Festival programming with our learning and participation work. This will help us provide new routes into our work for new audiences, while enhancing the experience for our existing audiences.

Bringing artists right into the heart of our work through a new Artistic Curator role for our Winter Festival – at the heart of our programming will be one annual Winter Festival, led by an Artistic Curator. Together we will celebrate classical music in its widest sense. This will include a renewed commitment to sharing outstanding early music interpretations and ground-breaking contemporary work alongside an ambitious series of site-specific commissions to reimagine seminal works.

The Artistic Curator for the Winter Festival 2017 will be André de Ridder, internationally renowned
conductor and one of the most influential musicians and curators across genre boundaries in today’s musical scene. The Winter Festival 2017 will focus on inclusivity, challenging the perceptions and expectations of the classical sector and raising questions about the ownership of creativity and art.

Full details will be announced soon.

For more information download our press release (link in right hand column).