60 seconds with…Orlando Gough

The next installment of 60 seconds with… is here and today we have one of tonights Songs in the wires composers. Orlando Gough tells us about the first album he bought, the difficulties of choosing his favourite composer and what inspires him.

Composing or performing?
Composing – I’m not a great performer, though I enjoy MCing.

Black tie or all black?
Have never worn a black tie – but all black? Hoorah for colour!

What was the first CD/LP/Album you bought?
Gorilla, by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – slightly strange to start with an album that was taking the mickey

Who’s your favourite composer?
Too difficult! Monteverdi, Bach, Stravinsky, Bartok, Messaien, John Adams…

Where’s your favourite venue in London?
Again, too difficult! Cafe Oto, Young Vic, Roundhouse, Wiltons…

What’s been the best thing about working on the Fables project?
Mad, exuberant, slightly out-to-lunch recording day in a scuzzy recording studio in Nottingham – very enjoyable

What one thing would you most like to tell your audiences?
The story – as clearly as possible

What do you think your breakthrough moment was?
I don’t think I’ve had one yet…

What inspires you?
Working with brilliant people

There are still tickets available for tonights performance of Songs in the wires. Get yours on the door from 8.00pm tonight!

Songs in the wires
Wednesday 15 December, 8.30pm
Christ Church Spitalfields
Tickets: £10, unreserved

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  1. Sambuca Panthers McGuinness says:

    I LOVE Orlando. I miss him already! Last week was awesome and ‘Uncle’ Orlando was a big reason why!
    Best wishes from Orlando Gough fan and Streetwise Performer Sambuca McGuinness from Nottingham, England!

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