About Us

Spitalfields Music: changing lives and aspirations through music in London’s East End

We bring together world class artists and local people in one of the most unusual and creative corners of London. Drawing inspiration from our area, we produce two annual music festivals and run creative music projects throughout the year in the local community. In an area often seen to be full of challenges, we focus on music and its power to bring people together, change perspectives, engage the body, emotions and intellect and to spread energy.
Since 1976, we’ve been putting music at the heart of Tower Hamlets.


Learning & Participation

Focusing on schools and community, we offer around 250 workshops during the year

festivals commissions

Festivals & Commissions

Recent commissions include works from James Weeks, Rolf Hind, and John Barber

spitalfields projects


Throughout the year we host a series of creative music projects communally


Our History

Spitalfields Music began as a classical music festival 37 years ago

Spitalfields Music Volunteers at Dennis Severs' House

Our People

Who's who on our board, team and freelance team.



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Spitalfields Music

Annual Reviews

A snapshot of our yearly activities.


Proud to be Tower Hamlets

Spitalfields Music is an organisation born and bred in Tower Hamlets. We’ve …